Holistic Pet Health Conference 2018

Healthful Dog Magazine and Dr. Peter Dobias are thrilled to present the Holistic Pet Health Conference 2018.

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Toni Shelbourne - Canine Compulsive Disorder
Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis of Tallgrass Animal Acupressure - The Integrated Dog and Acupressure
Dr. Jodie Gruenstern - Step Up the Nutritional Ladder 'cause Oils are Not Enough!
Dr. Geoff Johnson - Veterinary Homeopathy
Caroline Thomas - Flower Essences
Pennie Clayton - Bowen Therapy for Dogs
Mary Debono - Canine Anti-Ageing in 3 Simple Steps
Dr. Christina Chambreau - What Are Your Next Steps?
Dr. Megan Kelly - Strengthening the Arthritic Dog
Dr. Barbara Royal - Bacteria in the Microbiome
Dr. Nick Thompson - Raw Feeding Veterinary Society & New Concepts in Pet Nutrition
Kymythy Schultze - Vaccines and Your Pets Health: Are We Asking the Right Questions?
Dr. Peter Dobias -  You Can Be Your Dog's Best Healer
Rita Hogan - Seasonal Healing
Dr. Jean Hofve—CBD & Hemp Oils for Dogs What, Why, and How?
Sue Reid - Making the Big Decision - Euthanasia
Dr. Ian Billinghurst: AAFCO NUTRITIONAL STANDARDS FOR PET FOODS, What do they actually mean? Do they APPLY to RAW WHOLE PET Foods? Should they APPLY to ANY PET FOOD?

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Intended Audience: pet owners

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